Litestructures Small Stage (4 x 3 m)

The LSS (Litestructures small stage) is the perfect companion for public speaking. Its 4 x 3m performance area gives plenty of room for people to stand or sit while keeping the spotlight on the main spokesperson.

With Location Audio’s custom design, Litestructures have created a one of a kind stage for your events. 

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Speeches Made Easy

The LSS has been designed specifically for public speaking and solo performances. With its 0.5 m high stage decks and striking appearance, it will make sure your heard and seen. When the audience is looking up to you, it gives the speaker much more authority making their statements more impactful.

Although this stage is great for public speaking, don’t restrict yourself.  You can have easily fit a 2-3 person band with simple back-line or give solo artists a comfortable space to perform.

Speedy Setup

Since the LSS requires only minimal amounts of trussing, the setup time is extremely quick. At only 2 hours build time your event doesn’t need overnight security as we can put it in and out in one day.

With its lightweight aluminum truss and pin locking frame this structure only takes 2 people to setup. This saves you money on crew expenses making this cheap stage hire great value for money.

In Our Experience

The LSS is a great temporary stage that is adequate for both outdoor and indoor stage hire.  The average clients use this stage for public speaking such as announcements and grand openings as it gives that extra “wow” factor rather than ground level talking. Hiring this package will give separation between audience and spokesperson making the overall event feel more professional and “trustworthy”.

The average LSS stage hire lasts for 1 day, perfect for a day long event. This combined with the fast setup/de-rig times means you can have the site cleared all in a single day helping you plan around a tight schedule. 

Choose this stage wisely. Although it is great for public speaking, with a crowd of 1000+ you might want to try something larger to keep consistency at the event. Take a look at our other packages and find stage hire prices that suite your budget.


LS Small Stage Technical Specification


  • Stage size: 4×3 m
  • Internal width: 4,500 m
  • Overall external width: 5,00 m
  • Internal depth: 4,00 m
  • Overall external depth: 4,500 m
  • Clearance side: 0.2 m
  • Overall height: 3,00 m

Loading Capacity

  • Arches: 10 kg/m
  • Side truss: 20 kg/m

Canopy & sidewalls

  • B1 fire retardant
  • Sidewall colour: black
  • Roof canopy colours: black