Loud-Speaker Hire Overview

We offer an extensive range of loud speaker hire throughout Nottingham and the rest of the UK for any event you do. The speaker packages we offer contain multiple systems fine-tuned for your event equipment needs.

You can have small compact speakers scattered throughout your conference room, designed for high/mid frequencies such as that of a spokesperson and light background music. Alternatively you can hire a full live outdoor PA system for a festival that has multiple top and mid-range speakers combined with sub-woofer bass bins to really bring out the low frequency of the live music.   

If you would like to enquire about hiring any of our services please contact us via the the contact page.

Turbosound Loud-Speaker Range

Top / Mid Frequency

Turbosound TA-890H

The Turbosound Aspect TA-890H is the mid / top box for the TA-890Turbosound TA-890H
Aspect rig. This box is a high performing and versatile box that has been designed to cover a wide spectrum of event equipment needs.

The TA-890H loudspeaker is largely scaleable to fit any acoustical or site requirements, allowing its application to range from large indoor and outdoor concerts/festivals to compact corporate events and theatre shows.

View full specification sheet here: TA-890H

Turbosound TSE-111

The Turbosound TSE-111 loudspeakers are a professional mid/high frequency box that are smallTurbosound TSE-111 and compact but still provide high Decibel ranges for live events. The speakers themselves are configured as a point source system allowing them to be arranged for a varied amount of systems.

The all-purpose TSE-111 is a scaleable and multi-platform loudspeaker that’s applications include live PA Hire, Club systems, and outdoor concert/festival stacks.

View full specification sheet here: TSE-111

Mid / Low Frequency

Turbosound TA-890L

The Turbosound TA-890L is a low frequency touring loudspeaker that is an integral part of the Turbosound TA-890LAspect 890 5 way configuration. This box is the companion in size and power to the TA-890H and together they scale as one into a high dB sound system.

The TA-890L is scaleable to any sized event, that being corporate events that need a compact loudspeaker that can throw audio far distances or festival sound systems that need that extra bottom end in their configuration.

View full specification sheet here: TA-890L

Turbosound TSW-218

The Turbosound TSW-218 is horn loaded touring sub-woofer. This sub is an industry standard in Turbosound TSW-218loudspeaker hire. It is a favourite among PA companies as it is an extremely high performing speaker enclosure that can be used in a multitude of audio rigs.

The TSW-218 can be used in both 3 way and 5 way Aspect rigs as the main bottom end provider. It is extremely efficient at producing low Hz frequencies which almost every live PA system will need.

This sub can be used in sync with the TA-890H mid/high frequency loudspeakers to provide a 3 way system that is compact yet provides solid bottom end. Alternatively you can run the TSW-218 alongside the TA-890H and the TA-890L configuration to reinforce the low frequencies by throwing the sound a far distance in outdoor spaces using the powerful double 18” drivers the TSW-218 has.

View full specification here: TSW-218

Turbosound TSE-218

The Turbosound TSE-218 is a horn loaded concert sub-woofer. This sub is a compact companionTurbosound TSE-218 in our TSE loudspeaker system. This sub is at a high standard for consistent quality and performance. It can be used in various rigs and can complement many different systems with bottom end support.

The TSE-218 is mainly used in the blue Turbosound TSE 3 way rig as the low Hz source. It is extremely efficient at producing low Hz frequencies which almost every live outdoor PA system will need. Alternately you can run these subs with other systems such as the Turbosound Aspect system we can provide as bottom end support when you really want to bring the bass frequencies into play.

View full specification sheet here: TSE-218


Turbosound TXD-151

The Turbosound TXD-151 is a trapezoid two-way mid/top loudspeaker. This box is a highTurbosound TXD-151 functioning passive speaker that can fit into almost any rig in our speaker hire packages.  In this enclosure Turbosound have designed a pole mounting position for a bass sub-woofer expansion or speaker stand.

The TXD-151 has a multitude of uses such as speaker in-fills and center-fills for a concert stage, drum monitors for a drum riser position, or a compact system for corporate events.

View full specification sheet here: TXD-151

JBL Loud-Speaker Range

Top / Mid Frequency


The JBL VRX-932LA is a high performing loudspeaker that is used collectively with up to 6 otherJBL VRX-932LA VRX932LA-1 Speakers to become a constant curvature array. This system is similar in design to a line array but is compact and more efficient in small to mid-sized event scenarios as it is lightweight but is still flown to get maximum crowd coverage.

As an alternate configuration you can use the VRX932LA on a tripod above a bass bin which is comparable to a loudspeaker ground stack. The VRX932LA is perfect for small festivals, medium concerts and large corporate events/shows.

View full specification sheet here: VRX932LA

Mid / Low Frequency


The JBL SRX-728S is a very well-regarded professional standard sub-woofer. This sub is the JBL SRX-728Stouring companion in our JBL VRX loud speaker rig. This speaker is one of JBL’s flagship sub-woofers and it shows it in its amazing design and execution. As with other subs it can be used as low end support for other system configurations.

The SRX 728S is the second half of the VRX Line array system. Used together these speakers make a superb formation that can delivery and impress at almost any show. You can also run the 728S’ with other systems in our speaker hire to fill out the bottom end making the crowds undergo a fuller experience.

View full specification sheet here: SRX-728S

Celestion Loud-Speaker Range

Top / Mid Frequency

Celestion SR1

The Celestion SR1 is an efficient loudspeaker that has a unique flexirol semi-circle design perfectCelestion SR1 for a wide dispersion of high quality sound across a small to medium sized audience. The SR1’s track record has been perfect since its creation. It is been a widely chosen speaker for sound hire companies for a long time as it is versatile and durable for a wide variety of events.

Celestion’s SR1 is the perfect companion for public address and announcements, small stage systems and corporate shows. The SR1 loud speaker also comes equipped with a pole mounting position allowing it to be coupled with a bass bin or put on a tripod for a more vertical reach.

Mid / Low Frequency

Celestion SR8

The Celestion SR8 is a compact low frequency subwoofer. This sub is the counterpart to theCelestion SR8
Celestion SR1 top boxes. The SR system is a great configuration for smaller shows such as charity events, council run activities and outdoor corporate style affairs.

The SR8 has a pole mounting position located in the top of the enclosure. This is designed for its companion top box the SR1. With this complete set-up you will have a configuration that covers all frequencies nicely and can play background music to a high and quality level as well as produce clean speech patterns if a microphone was introduced.

Ohm Loud-Speaker Range


Ohm TRS-115

The Ohm TRS-115 monitor is a high quality touring speaker that excels in live audio production. ItOhm TRS-115 can be used in a various array of systems including that of our stage and speaker hire configurations.

The applications of such a great monitor mainly include that of live sound on stages and band areas. The TRS-115 can be used as a front of house (FOH) monitor to present audio back to the band on stage or as a center fill to help with the main sound gaps as the leading loudspeaker arrangement will be pointing towards the audience for the majority throw and will need assistance at the stage front.

View full specification sheet here: TRS-115

Logic Loud-Speaker Range


Logic CM20

Logic’s CM20 monitor loudspeaker is a great box that is designed to be compact yet offer great Logic CM20audio no matter what situation. One of its main features is that it is robust and well designed. Its intuitive design from Logic systems allows this box to be used in a multitude of situations best fit for its consumer.

The applications for CM20 monitor are similar to that of most monitors in that its primary use is front-of-house (FOH) feedback for the bands playing. Although this is its primary use it is definitely not its only one. You can use the CM20’s for a wide variety of events that range from small conference and speech delivery to rock n roll bands playing on a touring style stage.