Who is Location Audio?

Location Audio is a Nottinghamshire based business that specialises in live sound production, specifically PA and stage hire. We have been providing event services for over 20 years and have learned a lot on our journey.

Location Audio 2016 Logo

Our Focus is on You

We only have one goal. Provide the best experience for the audience and performers for your events to succeed. Without making everyone happy we don’t believe that an event can be successful, so at Location Audio we aim to please everybody.

Consistency is Key

As the title says consistently good service is the best service. With all of our event equipment hire we provide consistently top performance for every event. We understand that it’s not just our reputation under scrutiny at an event but yours too, so offering a professional service is a priority for us.

Sean Rowe in-front of a Turbosound TSE PA speaker stack
Sean Rowe, founder of Location Audio

What do we offer?

Our PA systems have been tried, tested and loved across Nottingham for over 20 years. They are a favourite among our customers for one solid reason. We are transparent! Location Audio wants your events to succeed and to do so we will only offer what we think fits your events best, saving you and us time and money.

20 Years of Sound Experience

Pro sound systems have been the foundation of Location Audio for over 20 years. This means we are “the experts” when it comes to live PA. Our systems are being tried and tested every week making zero room for error on our part. We offer FREE built-in redundancy in all our PA systems such as backup speakers and microphones in case anything should go wrong (we’re safe like that). 

Tubosound Aspect rig at Ripley Music Festival
The Tubosound Aspect rig at Ripley Music Festival

Taking Your Events to the Next Level

Over the last 7 years Location Audio have been supplying more than just sound. We decided to take our trusted aims and goals for our PA hire and apply it to something a bit different, stage hire.

We have hired out staging across the UK over for several years now and one thing is for certain, they are show makers! If you want your events to stand out from the crowd then staging is a great avenue to explore. We have found countless event managers and promoters stuck on ideas and after they test out our stages they don’t want to go back.

Staging for Every Event

That’s right! Location Audio offers 3 sizes of stage, one for each type of event. Maybe you just want a small stage for a conference or perhaps one for a rock n roll festival, either way we will have you covered.

Milos large stage at ripley music festival
Milos Large Stage at Ripley Music Festival.

Is Location Audio Right For You?

Our client base is far and wide. We do work for a lot of different events, all shapes and sizes, a one stop answer will simply not do. To give you an idea our typical clients range from Council’s (Local, City and County) to conference events to someone just wanting to put on a good show, it really is that wide. 

Nottingham County, City and Local Council Logos
Some of clients include Nottingham City Council, Nottinghamshire County Council and Ashfield District Council.

You Decide

Remember, you are the ones hiring us so you will know what you need. If we fit your needs, why not give us a go. If you simply don’t know or want more information feel free to contact us, we don’t bite.

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